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Kelly's Home Daycare is a small home daycare licensed for up to 8 children but I keep it small with 6 or less children per day. With a smaller ratio, I can provide your child with tons of quality time and attention!

(8 weeks - 2 years old)
(2 years old and up)
Infant space available September 2nd! 

Toddler space available now!


The first step is to contact me via email (, or you can message me through my website's contact page or of course you can call me!  

The next step is to schedule a daycare tour so you can see if my daycare would be a good fit for you and your family!

If you decide at the tour that your family would like to choose my daycare, I will send you home with my daycare contract for you to look over.  

After reviewing my daycare contract at home and discussing it with your family, you can let me know as soon as possible if you would like to reserve my daycare space for your child! It's that easy!!! You can return the daycare contract a week before your child's start date or on the first day of care.

I do not charge any registration fees to start up.  You simply just pay for your child's weekly fee on the their first day! :)



Please be considerate...

*** If you have scheduled a daycare tour with me and the day comes and you find that you cannot make it to the tour, or that you need to reschedule... PLEASE contact me ASAP so I am aware that you are not coming.  If you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, that is understandable... but just let me know!

A lot of times I schedule daycare tours on the weekend and I arrange my day around your daycare tour.  I cherish my weekends since they are my only day off (as I'm sure we all do). So when a family no-shows and does not notify me, it is obviously inconsiderate of my time and a waste of my weekend (and my families too) to be waiting for a family that is not coming. 

So please be considerate & courteous of my time and let me know beforehand that you need to reschedule and are not coming.  If a family no-shows to a tour without notifying me, whatsoever, I will not re-schedule a tour with that family in the future ***

A little consideration,
A little thought for others,
Makes all the difference.

~ Eeyore


  • Call me at 619-271-4050
  • Message me through the "Contact Me" page
  • Send me an email:

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