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Daycare Parent Reviews

Check out my reviews from some of my past 
and present Daycare Parents!

One of the most difficult things about being a working mom is finding quality daycare.  My daughter started going to Kelly's Home Daycare when she was 13 months old and was there for almost 2 years.  

Kelly was always very attentive and I was able to go to work knowing that my child was in the best of hands.  When my son was born 8 months later, I had to go back to work when he was 11 weeks old.  Kelly was fantastic at taking care of my newborn.  He thrived in her care and was walking and talking in no time!

I always recommend Kelly to all of my friends in the Otay Ranch area and she has cared for many of their children as well.

Olivier Family

My family recently moved to Chula Vista from San Clemente and we were in need of a new provider for our 10 month old son.  Since I did not know anyone in the area, I had to base my search off of what I could find on the internet. I was so lucky to find a treasure like Kelly's Home Daycare!

I was nervous about enrolling my son to a new daycare provider because we had tried out a previous local daycare provider before Kelly, who convinced me that my boy was just not the daycare type.  She constantly complained that he would be fussy all the time, would not nap, eat or take a bottle.  These reports had me nervous all day while I was working and I never was able to concentrate on work because I was always worrying about my son at daycare.

When I found Kelly's Home Daycare online, I called Kelly and she promptly scheduled a tour with me.  I was impressed by her PRISTINE home and by looking around, I could tell that every safety precaution was taken into account.  There is plenty of space with tons of clean brand new toys for little ones to safely explore and play. Not like the previous daycare at all that only had a very small area for the kids to sit in their playpen or highchair all day. Kelly also provides a separate, comfortable and quiet sleeping room for the little ones, as parents of sleep trained infants will tell you, is VERY important.  There is also a huge backyard with lots of green grass for little toes to run through and a big jungle gym for my son and his new friends to play! Kelly even watched my boy for a well deserved date night for my husband and me and to give my son a chance to get to know her before his first full day at daycare.

But the best part is....Kelly.  Before Kelly, I could not tell you of a time where I picked up my son from that "other" daycare and he was happy.  He always looked like he just cried or was in the middle of crying.  The first day I picked him up from Kelly's Home Daycare, I was shocked when she came to the door with my son and he had a HUGE smile on his face!  He was even trying to go back down so he can go back to playing!  I was so happy.  To top it off, he slept, ate and took a bottle from her on the first day!  I think the difference is that Kelly is patient and loving and truly loves my son like her own (not like the previous daycare provider).  Anyone can say they will love yours like their own, but Kelly really does.  My son is even reaching developmental milestones faster since he has been in her care, which tells me she really spends time and plays with him.

I am so glad our family found Kelly and Kelly's Home Daycare.  I can be more efficient and productive at work knowing that my son is in her care while I am away. I no longer worry at all and it is such a good feeling to know that he is being loved while I am away.  Kelly and I have a great relationship as provider and parent, but I feel like I could also call her a friend.

Reddinger Family

I have been fortunate enough to stay home with my baby girl for the first 6 months of her precious life! Needless to say I was dreading the journey of finding childcare for my baby so that I could return to work. My fear was not based on what I might find but rather what I wouldn't be able to find.

After interviewing dozens of childcare providers my prayers were answered when I toured Kellys Home Daycare and met Kelly. The daycare itself is immaculate and was very child friendly.  The time and organization that Kelly puts into her childcare facility shines throughout the entire place.

Kelly's Home Daycare is the BEST in town and we truly believe there is no one else like her. Kelly is patient, loving and nurturing which not only glows through the pride she takes in the atmosphere she creates for the children but also through the relationships she creates with the children she cares for. Kelly is passionate in what she does which shows through my daughter and her developmental progress since she's been in Kellys care.

As a parent I wanted the best for my baby girl while I was away at work. I wanted someone who would care for my baby as if she were their own and who would encourage and promote learning and creativity. KELLY is all of these things and MORE!!! Words can't even express the ease I feel when I leave my daughter in her care. Communication is huge and that's one of many great qualities Kelly possesses! 

Its been a pleasure having Kelly in our life and we hope to make many memories together since we consider her as our extended family! Kelly's Home Daycare is an EXCEPTIONAL example of how all daycares should be!  We are fortunate to have Kelly as a daycare provider and friend.

Serrano Family

Kelly's Home Daycare has been the answer to all of my worries! As a stay at home mom I couldn't imagine finding someone I would feel comfortable leaving my son with. I went to 3 different daycares in Chula Vista and had a bad feeling about all of them. Then, I found Kelly! 

She is sweet, inviting and does great with my son. She sends me updates when I am at work and miss my little man and she always communicates effectively with me. 
If you are feeling hopeless or like you just can't seem to find the right daycare, you have found it here! Kelly is really great and I recommend her to everyone I talk to! 

Pugh Family

Kelly is the best!
From day one my 16 month old has felt comfortable coming here.  I was anticipating an adjustment phase or a few tears at the very least none of which occurred.  In fact when I was picking her up on her second day she ran back in the house, I was expecting her to run into my arms!  I also love the Facebook page where we can see photos of what they are up to.  I would definitely recommend Kelly and feel very fortunate to have my daughter in her care. 

Bonnes Family

Our son was only 6 months old when we had to first look for daycare for him and like most moms, I was so nervous about it! But, when we stepped foot into Kelly’s house, I knew we found a daycare that we would all love, and we did! 

Kelly always made us feel so at ease and communicated with us so well.  Her daycare is always kept extremely clean and provides a nurturing and safe environment for kids of any age. Austin loved being at Kelly’s daycare and was always made to feel special and loved while he was there. I would highly recommend Kelly’s Home Daycare to anyone who is considering it!

Wright Family

I highly recommend Kelly’s Home Daycare to anyone looking for a safe, nurturing and loving environment for their children. Kelly took care of my daughter and son for almost two years. We found Kelly’s Home Daycare to be everything we were looking for in a day care – excellent care, safe environment, kind and friendly caregiver, excellent communication of child’s needs and daily activities. Both my children loved going to daycare and even now three years later they still fondly remember Kelly and her family. We just can’t say enough great things about Kelly and her daycare.

Snyder Family

Our son, Maddox, attended Kelly's Home Daycare last year and we absolutely loved both the environment Kelly provided in addition to the warmth and care she showed for our son on a daily basis.  

Kelly is amazingly organized, her house is consistently perfectly cleaned, and I loved her monthly newsletters as well as the calendars she would provide with daycare events and the children's birthdays. 

She makes each child feel special and goes out of her way to celebrate them individually. I was touched by the fact that she threw a little birthday party for Maddox on his second birthday, as she did for all of the kids.  She also threw amazing parties for each holiday!  

I would highly recommend Kelly's Home Daycare to any parent looking for a 
warm, loving, and safe environment for his or her child.

Hsu Family

Having been referred to us by a colleague, my husband and I were so grateful to have found Kelly’s Home Daycare, a small, intimate, in-home daycare.  Kelly offered exactly what we were searching for.  We were so grateful that she felt we would be a good fit for her daycare and the other children that were also under her care. 

Kelly provided childcare for our youngest child beginning in July 2009 to June 2011. Our son always felt completely safe and secure in Kelly’s home.  For a short while, our son struggled with a bit of separation anxiety at drop off, as this was the first time he would be away from family; however, Kelly was always supportive, patient, and calm, which made drop offs easier for him, and for me. It didn’t take our son very long to know that he was in very safe hands. 

Being a mom herself, Kelly has a very nurturing personality. I always observed Kelly display patience and kindness when working with children. By modeling this behavior, she was able to teach the children how to interact respectfully with one another. When conflicts did arise, she always remained calm, and helped the children work through their differences, teaching them how to work, play, and problem solve together.  Kelly offered various activities, which included story time, and lots of arts and crafts.  She also provided healthy snacks and meals. Her home was always kept exceptionally clean and child proofed.  

What I admired most about Kelly’s childcare was how selective she was about the children she cared for. She understood that with each child that entered her childcare came with the family values and beliefs that they were learning in their own home. Because our son was spending a great deal of his day with these children, it was very important to us that he was interacting with children and adults who would expose him to what we felt were appropriate and respectful behaviors. Kelly’s selection process ensured just that. 

It was bittersweet when my husband and I made the decision to enroll our son in preschool to prepare him for the transition to kindergarten.  While we were very sad to leave Kelly’s Daycare, we were also grateful for the years our son was able to spend with her and her family, who we now consider friends. It is my pleasure and with great ease that I highly recommend Kelly Kirk as a childcare provider to any family in search of daycare that provides warmth, love, and care. 

Rosendale Family

heartsvilleMy husband and I have been very happy having our one year old daughter Jordyn at Kelly's daycare. She takes really good care of the kids, is very interactive with them, and is always sending us pictures of our daughter's smiling face :). 

Our daughter loves being at Kelly's daycare. She is smiling when she gets there and smiling when I pick her up! We highly recommend Kelly as a loving, caring and extremely attentive daycare provider.

Begg Family

I spent a lot of time researching daycare facilities for my youngest son. I looked at a lot of places in the area, but didn't feel good about leaving my child at any of these places. That all changed when I found Kelly's daycare. The first time I walked into her place, I knew immediately it would be perfect for my little one. Kelly's home is bright, clean, organized, and has lots of fun toys to play with. Kelly herself welcomed me and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. 

That same day, I happily committed to enrolling my son in her daycare, and have not regretted my choice. Kelly does crafts with the kids, she takes them on wagon rides around the neighborhood, and she works with them on letters, numbers, and colors. She feeds the kids breakfast, snacks and lunch, and was totally accommodating when my son was still bottle-feeding. 

She also has birthday parties for the kids, and decorates for the holidays! The best part is she occasionally sends me pictures and updates about how my son's day is going. This was especially comforting during those first few weeks when I was sad to be separated from my baby during the day. My husband and I are so happy we found Kelly!

Kemery Family

We are so lucky we found Kelly's Home Daycare! 

We looked at several other home daycares, and they couldn't compare to Kelly's beautiful and incredibly clean home. Our son had some separation anxiety when he began at Kelly's, but Kelly was patient and worked with us to get him through it - now he's loving his time at daycare! 

I love how Kelly is considerate of our son's schedule and very receptive to changes or modifications. I feel comfortable at work knowing my son is at Kelly's, and the pictures and updates I get about my son just reassure me that he's in a great place. 

Thank you Kelly! 

Hinzo Family

My son Johnny has been attending Kelly's Home Daycare for 4 months now and we love it! Kelly is awesome! Her home is impeccable, she keeps in constant contact whether by text, email or conversation during drop off / pick up and you can tell she genuinely cares about the little people she hangs out with all day :) I love seeing the pictures she posts of the kids throughout the day on the daycare Facebook page. 

Since Johnny started at Kelly's his vocabulary has more than doubled between what Kelly teaches him and just interacting with the other children.  I can tell Johnny loves going to daycare by the way he runs up to her door every morning when I drop him off! 

I am so thankful we were lucky enough to get a spot at her daycare! I would recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a safe, reliable and loving environment for their child. 

Giordano Family

Kelly’s Home Daycare is amazing! 

As a parent it is always challenging to find someone to watch and care for your child like you would. Kelly has the patience of a saint and the heart of a angel. Kelly does so many fun and educational activities with the children that you never worry if your child is enjoying themselves. To know your child is loved and happy is the absolute best feeling to have. Kelly strives on making sure the children get along and play well together. Communication is something that never lacks with Kelly. If there is an issue or something that needs to be discussed Kelly has a way of letting you know without making the situation uncomfortable. 

One of my most favorite things Kelly does with the daycare children is the wagon walks. My son loves to go in the wagon! The fact that he gets outdoor time each day is very important to my husband and I. Kelly is very good at keeping us informed of what is going on at daycare. She is constantly sending pictures of our son smiling and having the time of his life. As a mom getting to see your child smiling is priceless! 

Kelly’s Home Daycare has been a major blessing to our family. There is no one else I would rather have with my child than Kelly. She is wonderful and has my upmost respect and highest recommendation!

Jungers Family

Ms. Kelly the Dream Come True
Ms. Kelly was everything and more than we could ever wish for in a childcare provider! After months of searching for childcare, we found Ms. Kelly who checked all of the boxes on our list. Her welcoming and nurturing environment put us at ease as we were sure that our son would be in good hands from the moment we met her. Our active 8 month old at the time, had plenty of space to crawl, explore, and play with his new friends. She was able to quickly get our son on a schedule that worked so well for him and that we were beyond grateful for. Not only did our son fall in love with her, but so did we! She kept us regularly updated on how he was doing throughout the day and the big smile on his face whenever we dropped him off or picked him up told us everything we needed to know.
It is extremely difficult to not go on a rant about how incredible Kelly is, because quite frankly she is a dream come true provider. She quickly became more than just our son’s childcare provider; she became a dear friend. It was so hard to say goodbye but we are so excited for the next family that gets the honor of having Kelly as their new provider and friend. We will miss her so much.
Gutierrez Family

Our daughter started at daycare with Kelly around 14 months old and because of the care, education and fun Kelly provided, was ready to start preschool by age 2 ½. She grew so much in her time with Kelly. 
Kelly always had activities for the kids, would send them home with adorable arts and crafts for the holidays and was really communicative about any and all things going on at the daycare. She even put together holiday and birthday parties for the kids. I loved being able to send our little one in with treats or goodies for a party. 
As a first time mom, I was definitely nervous as Kelly’s was my first in home daycare experience, but she was wonderful and patient with me and always went above and beyond to address my concerns and questions.  She’d text and e-mail whenever needed. 
Even after our daughter started preschool, Kelly was flexible with us and let us drop her off during school breaks / holidays while we got adjusted. 
Kelly was an amazing find and is a wonderful care provider. I’d definitely recommend her for your little ones!

Storjohann Family

Kelly watched my daughter starting when she was about 4 months old and from the first time we met and toured to our last day, I was always at ease with Kelly and her daycare. Trusting someone to watch your kids can be a difficult task and I truly felt comfortable dropping my daughter off each day. 

Kelly communicates truthfully and easily which I felt made the parent/provider relationship comfortable, and in turn created a successful environment for my daughter to transition to and from each day. She loves the kids in her care and her attention to detail and safety were always appreciated. 

We'll miss Kelly and she will always be our first choice for childcare! 

Schwartz Family


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